How to file a warranty claim

Please note we cannot warranty shipping damage on bikes ordered online, since we have no way to verify the source of the damage.

With today's technology, the fastest way to file a warranty claim is to take a digital photo of your bike & broken part and email it to us at

Please include:

  • Your name, address & phone number
  • The model number and date code found on your bike (little gray sticker by the non-chain side crank arm)
  • Date & place of purchase
  • A detailed description of the incident or problem

We'll review your photos and information to try and determine the cause or nature of the problem. If we can, we'll make a decision on your claim. If we can't tell from the photos, then we'll ask you to send the affected part in.

Once a warranty claim is approved, we'll send the replacement part(s) at no charge. If the required part(s) are not in stock and must be ordered, an estimated delivery time will be given. We reserve the right to make substitutions of equal or greater value at our sole discretion.

If a warranty claim is denied, we'll notify you and provide an explanation of our decision.


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